"What a gift the Abelift was to me when I returned to my own bed after surgery! Without it, I would have slept in a chair. I was able to independently get myself in and out of bed. It provided me assistance that helped me keep my dignity and independence at a vulnerable time in my life. It is simply the best piece of equipment out there!!! I would recommend this product to anyone who might need assistance getting in and out of bed or anyone who needs to sleep at an incline.It's absolutely the best!"

Daria C., New York

"I used the Abelift when I got home from my abdominal surgery. It was really helpful in managing my pain by providing me with multiple position options and regain my mobility and independence more quickly. My wife appreciated not having to manage my every movement as I could do it for myself again."

Noah W., New York

"Thank you Abely for creating such a simple and brilliant idea, the Abelift really helped me after my surgery. It's extremely comfortable and I love that it's portable and can be moved from the bed to the couch."

Suzy A., New York

"One of the thoughts that gave me anxiety leading up to my major surgery was “How will I sleep as I’m in recovery”? The Abelift gave me the ability to do that and feel closer to being myself again. It fit beautifully over my pillow topped queen sized mattress and I was able to sleep between my own comfortable sheets. The Abelift was especially invaluable for those middle of the night bathroom trips with its motorized lift. As a single woman with no one to assist me, the Abelift gave me just the help I needed when I needed it the most! "

Carole M., New York 

"The Abelift recliner helped me so much when I returned home from the hospital after my major surgery. I could not believe that the recliner actually enabled me to get out of bed without any help. When I was in the hospital, whenever I had to get out of bed, I needed assistance from the nurses. The recliner attached to my own bed was very easy to adjust and very comfortable. I’ve been telling everyone about it and I recommend it to anyone who needs help after surgery. No need for a hospital bed!"

Angie C., New York

"Using the Abelift made a massive difference both while on bedrest before delivery and after my C-section. While on bedrest, I could easily and comfortably keep myself situated. Postpartum, the Abelift was essential when getting up out of bed for constant feedings and nighttime comforting. I believe my recovery time was dramatically shortened through my use of the Abelift. I think the Abelift allowed me to rest when I needed to and avoid straining my abdominal and pelvic floor muscles that were just starting to mend. I would highly recommend the Abelift to all new moms, anyone on bedrest, and anyone recovering from abdominal or back surgery. I am so thankful to have the help when I needed it and have a pleasant experience while on bedrest and postpartum with the Abelift."

Andrea R., Colorado

"I was introduced to the Abelift recliner prior to my bilateral mastectomy with DIEP Flap reconstruction (long for a tummy tuck). I chose this method because it allowed me to use my own tissue. I contacted Abely to learn more about the Abelift recliner and was extremely pleased to hear all the comfortable uses this product offers. The ability to simply get into bed, be easily lowered and, when ready, to get back up is amazing. I truly believe Abelift helped shorten my recovery by limiting the amount of pain I would have had getting up and down and out of bed. I highly recommend this product!"

Nora B., New York 

"Abelift was a life saver after my double mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction and helped me sleep comfortably in a reclined position in my own bed, which would have been difficult to achieve without it. It was a great transition from a hospital bed to my own bed without having to sacrifice the comfort. The electric remote control helped me adjust the position and make it easier for me to get up. I would highly recommend the Abelift recliner to anyone who has had a surgery or struggles with getting out of bed."

Marge K., New York 

"I love my Abelift recliner! I no longer need help to get in and out of bed. After trying everything to sleep at an incline, I can now recline to an optimal position instead of using a bulky wedge or a stack of pillows like I used to. What an upgrade, and without changing my bed!"

 John P., Connecticut 

"After my 88-year-old mother fractured her back in a fall, the doctor recommended bed rest and a hospital bed. The logistics of renting a hospital bed and storing her regular bed, or buying one and giving up the luxury of a queen-sized bed she enjoys were overwhelming. Then I saw the Abelift. It was exactly what we needed—all the perks of a hospital bed without having to change everything. It was easy to install right over Mom's mattress, easy to use even for someone like Mom who has some level of cognitive loss, she finds it very comfortable, and being able to raise the upper body means she can sit up to eat, read, or watch TV, and makes getting in and out of bed much less painful. The Abelift has made her recovery time much more comfortable, and eliminated any extra strain on her back from trying to sit up on her own."

Jody D., New York

"After my surgery, the Abelift was such a relief. I could sit up with barely any pain. I would recommend it to anyone post surgery, but also for reclining comfortably in bed."

Luke H., Georgia

"I was truly lucky to have the Abelift after my surgery. It was so easy to install and use and allowed me to be self-sufficient and mobile during the most difficult time in my recovery. Amazing product!"

Lauren L., New York