Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of your questions may be addressed by reading the User’s Manual. Click here to access it or scroll down to find the answer to the questions you may have. Always feel free to contact us if your questions were not answered.

What are the different parts of the LiftMeUp?


A- Backrest (moving part with the wooden slats)
B- Base (always in contact with the bed)
C- Handle bar (always use to carry or move the LiftMeUp)
D- Power box
E- Power cable (to plug in the wall)
F- Hand control (always use to operate the LiftMeUp)

A profiled foam topper, a fitted sheet and a safety strap are also included with the LiftMeUp.

What are the important safeguards that I should know about?

  • The LiftMeUp is designed for indoor use only
  • Always ensure that the LiftMeUp is fully stable before using. Both extremities of the handle bar must be in contact with the mattress of your bed or the surface where the LiftMeUp is used. Check before using and reposition if necessary
  • Always push the base of the LiftMeUp against a support (headboard, wall,...) so it does not slip when the backrest is raised.
  • Always use the strap provided to secure the LiftMeUp to the bed mattress
  • Always use the handle bar to safely carry the LiftMeUp
  • DO NOT exceed the Maximum User Weight (275 lbs/125 kgs)
  • DO NOT position the LiftMeUp under the mattress of your bed
  • DO NOT allow anyone to touch the backrest or to access the area behind it when it is moving to prevent finger or body part entrapment
  • DO NOT force manually or pry open the LiftMeUp. Operate only using the hand control
  • DO NOT let young children play with the hand control or use the LiftMeUp
  • DO NOT use the motor continuously more than 2 minutes without resting it (max. 2 minutes on, min. 18 minutes off)
  • DO NOT put in contact with liquids or explosive gas
  • DO NOT alter the design or remove labels

How do I install the LiftMeUp?

  • No assembly or tool required!
  • 3 easy steps:
    1. Place the LiftMeUp on the mattress of your bed with the wooden slats facing up.
      The LiftMeUp can be installed on any size bed and on either side of a queen or king size bed.
      Make sure that the whole width of the base and the handle bar are entirely in contact with the mattress
      Check that the wires are not pinched under the base or constricted in any way
      Push the LiftMeUp against the headboard of the bed or against a wall. ALWAYS install the LiftMeUp against a support so it does not slip when the backrest gets raised. ALWAYS use the strap provided to securely fasten the base of the LiftMeUp to the bed mattress. When the backrest gets raised, LiftMeUp will slip if not properly secured against a support. 
    2. Cover the foam topper with the fitted sheet and position it on the backrest with its thicker side aligned with the top of the frame.
    3. Plug the cable into the wall plug. You may have to use an extension cord. WARNING: Make sure the wire is out of the way and does not constitute a tripping hazard. On the hand control, press the 'UP' button for about 5 seconds to raise the backrest then let go. This is to test that all connections are working properly. This also allows you to stretch the fitted sheet over the back plate of the backrest to secure the mattress in place. Use the hook to position the handset at a place easy to reach by the user. Your LiftMeUp is now ready to use!

Click here to access or download the User’s Manual containing pictures and detailed information on how to safely install your LiftMeUp.

How do I operate the LiftMeUp?

Once properly installed, your LiftMeUp is very easy to operate using the hand control:

  • Raise the backrest by activating the 'UP' button. As soon as you let go, the backrest stops in that position and remains there until one of the buttons is activated again
  • Push the 'DOWN' button to lower the backrest to any comfortable position or all the way down
  • WARNING: Do not operate the motor continuously more than 2 minutes without resting it (max 2 minutes on, minimum 18 minutes off)

What is the best position to lie on the LiftMeUp?

  • The optimal user position is to lie on the foam topper with your hips at the same level as the handle bar (the handle bar is the widest part of the LiftMeUp and sticks out slightly from each side of the mattress)
  • Tall users should position themselves to have the top of their head lined up with the top of the backrest. Make sure there is no risk of hitting the headboard or wall

How do I use the LiftMeUp to help me get in bed?

While standing near your bed and near the handle bar of the LiftMeUp, use the hand control to raise the backrest to its maximum position (vertical). Sit as close as possible to the backrest and in the middle of the topper. Rest your head and chest on the backrest. Press the 'DOWN' button continuously to lower the lift and progressively start rotating your legs to bring them up on the bed until you are lying comfortably on your back

How do I use the LiftMeUp to help me get out of bed?

Press the 'UP' button to raise the backrest continuously and start moving your legs to the edge of the bed and toward the floor. Use the backrest for full support while slowly rotating your torso to transition to a sitting position

How do I use the LiftMeUp to raise my feet?

Position the LiftMeUp at the foot of your bed with the frame resting entirely on the mattress. Make sure the base of the LiftMeUp is pushed against the footboard (or a wall) to provide support as it will slip when raised. ALWAYS use the strap provided to securely fasten the base of the LiftMeUp to the bed mattress. Activate the 'UP' button until your feet are raised to a comfortable position.

How do I transport the LiftMeUp?

  1. Remove the fitted sheet from around the frame of the LiftMeUp so you can move the topper independently from the LiftMeUp
  2. Using the hand control, bring the backrest to its lowest position
  3. Disconnect the wall plug and carefully wrap all wires. Secure them properly so there is no risk of tripping over them, stepping on them and/or pulling on them
  4. Always carry the LiftMeUp using the handle bar. Avoid any impact and handle gently so the motor and the frame do not get damaged. Move your LiftMeUp to its desired location and reinstall following the “Installation” instructions in the User’s Manual
  5. For long-distance, the safest way to transport your LiftMeUp is in its original box. Always protect the LiftMeUp by folding the foam topper around the motor area and pack carefully, paying special attention to the wires so they do not get trapped/pulled which could permanently damage the connections

How do I care for the LiftMeUp?

The LiftMeUp does not require any care. However, if you have to clean your LiftMeUp, always unplug the power supply from the wall first.

  • Use a damp cotton cloth to wipe the frame and the wooden slats
  • Do not wet the motor!
  • Do not use alcohol or solvents on any parts

What maintenance does the LiftMeUp require?

The LiftMeUp requires minimal maintenance:

  • Regularly check all cables and the power supply box for any sign of damage. Stop using immediately if damaged and contact us by calling 800.527.5097 for replacement parts
  • Regularly check that the screws on each side of the LiftMeUp are tight. If loose, use a wrench to tighten them

My LiftMeUp is not working, what do I do?

If the LiftMeUp fails to operate, check in this order that:

  1. there are no objects/fabric/wire entrapped,
  2. the maximum user weight (275 lbs) has not been exceeded
  3. the power supply is properly plugged into the wall (the green LED on the power box should be on)
  4. the connector for the hand control is properly plugged into the motor (the green LED should come on when the handset buttons are pushed)
  5. the cover that protects the two wires coming out of the motor is securely screwed in place
  6. the backrest is not fully raised or fully lowered

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at 800.527.5097 if the problem persists.

How long is the warranty?

ABELY LLC warrants that for a period of one year from the date of shipment, your LiftMeUp (i.e. the electric recliner itself, not any of the accessories) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use in accordance with the User’s Manual provided with it. 
All LiftMeUp accessories that came with the electric recliner (the foam topper, the fitted sheet and the strap) and those purchased separately benefit from a 30-day warranty.
If your LiftMeUp or any accessories was determined to be defective while under warranty, we would (in this order):

  1. ship you the replacement part and the instructions,
  2. repair your equipment,
  3. replace it if repair is not an option,
  4. refund you the purchase price if you prefer not getting a replacement.

This warranty is expressly conditioned upon your compliance with all safeguards and instructions mentioned in the User’s Manual. If you do not comply with those instructions and failure results in the need for replacement parts (or full replacement), you will bear the full cost of such replacement (including all shipping fees).