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Our story 

The LiftMeUp, originally called the Abelift, was conceptually born in 2014 when Sabine, Abely's Founder, underwent a major surgery that left her temporarily physically diminished. She experienced first-hand the full impact that a loss of independence can have on someone’s life and confidence. A fierce independent spirit herself, Sabine aspired to develop products that would help others live a better life.

In 2016, using her mechanical engineering background, product development, and customer service experience, Sabine decided to focus on her passion: helping people by developing innovative solutions. The LiftMeUp is the first product in a line that Abely aims to grow quickly. Abely is a women-owned and operated business.

Our values

Committed to providing a better and easier life:

  • Offering top quality at a reasonable price
  • Putting our customers first
  • Promoting healthy and independent living
  • Respecting all, including our environment 

Our commitment

  • To our customers: providing excellent products, impeccable customer service and intelligent solutions to help them live a better and easier life

  • To our employees: creating a positive work environment and exciting learning opportunities so they can reach their fullest potential

  • To our partners: collaborating with professionals who share our values and work ethic to create reliable products for our valued customers

For every 100 LiftMeUp sold, Abely donates 5 to individuals with mobility issues or to non-profit organizations helping them.